Current leaders of major world organizations


You want to know who are the current leaders of the main world organizations; those who are characterized by being professionals with extensive and recognized experience in their nation and the world; whose goal is to achieve the objectives of the institutions under their charge, facing firmly and decisively each of the challenges that are presented … Read more

How are UN members elected?


Do you know how the members of the UN are elected? an international organization founded during the year 1945 after the incidence of the Second World War and in which 51 countries committed themselves to maintaining security and peace, fostering relations between them with a view to increasing social progress, giving rise to improvements of Human … Read more

Major international organizations


Discover which are the most relevant international organizations; because they are institutions that act as mediators to achieve peace and security among the nations that make up the world, in addition to providing their cooperation in agreements and treaties that promote their development with a view to achieving a better life for citizens. What are international … Read more

The evolution of the electoral system

Voting box and election image,election

There are rules that determine the governing bodies that are the political representation of a country; This has changed throughout history, however most are done by direct and secret vote; attending to different types, so in this post we invite you to learn about the evolution of the electoral system. What is an electoral system? The … Read more