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Issue 115 - October 23 - Panel with ICC Judge Candidates, October 26

New York, October 23, 2009 - The judicial candidates for the International Criminal Court will participate in a panel discussion on Monday, October 26, from 1-2:30 pm in the ECOSOC Chamber.

Issue 114 - October 23 - ECOSOC Elections on Monday

New York, October 23, 2009 - On Monday, October 26, the UN General Assembly will elect 18 members to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) according to geographical representation.

In Africa, Comoros, Ghana, Egypt, Rwanda and Zambia, all endorsed by the African Union on October 14, will seek to take the seats of outgoing African states Algeria, Malawi, Somalia, Sudan and Cape Verde. 

In Asia, Bangladesh and Mongolia are the candidates endorsed by the Group of Asian States (as of on July 29) to replace Indonesia and Kazakhstan, while Iraq and Philippines seek to renew their terms. 

Issue 113 - October 23 - Regional Endorsements Result in Competition-free Elections for Security Council

New York, October 23, 2009 - Last Thursday, October 15, Member States voted by secret ballot to elect Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon, Nigeria as non-permanent members of the Security Council. 

The countries will serve a two-year, non-renewable term starting on January 1, 2010 and ending on December 31, 2011. They will join current non-permanent members Austria, Japan, Mexico, Turkey and Uganda, as well as permanent members China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  

Issue 112 - October 22 - Ban Ki-moon Recalls Deputy SRSG from Afghanistan

New York, October 22, 2009 - On September 30, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recalled Peter Galbraith, UN Deputy Special Representative to Afghanistan for Political Affairs, from his posting with the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA).

Issue 111 - October 22 - Bokova Confirmed - First Woman and First Eastern European to Lead UNESCO

New York, October 22, 2009 - Irina Bokova of Bulgaria has been confirmed as the next Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). She was elected last month following a close contest and a week of inconclusive votes by the Executive Board. UNESCO's General Conference, which consists of all 193 Members, approved the appointment on October 15.

Issue 110 - September 28 - IAEA Confirms Amano as Director-General

New York, September 28, 2009 - Yukiya Amano of Japan has been confirmed as the next Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), after being nominated twice and competing in ten rounds of voting between March and July.

The IAEA's 35-member Governing Board finally elected Amano on July 3, 2009. His primary competitor was Abdul Samad Minty of South Africa. (See UNelections Monitor Issue #103 for details of the lengthy and contentious race).

Issue 109 - September 18 - Belgium and Switzerland Announce Candidates for 65th GA Presidency

New York, September 18, 2009 - The next selection of the General Assembly President may be a competitive one, for the first time in 18 years. Yesterday the government of Switzerland announced the candidacy of Joseph Deiss. Today Louis Michel reportedly confirmed that he will be the candidate for Belgium, which had announced his interest in the position in early 2007. Both countries are members of the Group of Western European and Other States (WEOG), whose turn it will be to nominate the President of the 65th GA Session (2010-2011).

Belgium Names Candidate

Issue 108 - August 26 - Ban Ki-moon Creates New Envoy Post, Appoints France’s PR

New York, August 26, 2009 - This week the UN announced that Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has established a new Special Envoy post, for "Assistance to Pakistan," and that he has appointed France's Permanent Representative to the UN, Jean-Maurice Ripert, to fill the role.

Ripert had previously announced that he would step down as France's ambassador at the end of August. It has not yet been determined when Ripert will take up his new position, Ban's spokesperson said on Monday.

Issue 107 - August 25 - No Competition Expected in Security Council Elections

New York, August 25, 2009 - When the General Assembly meets in October to elect five members to the Security Council, it could have little choice over which States join the body. All four regional groupings participating in the elections have endorsed the same number of candidates as seats available, and thus likely will presents "clean slates" to the General Assembly for election.

The expected candidates are: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Gabon, Lebanon, and Nigeria.

The tentative date for the elections is October 15.

Regardless of regional support, each candidate still must get a two-thirds majority of states present and voting in the October election.

Issue 106 - August 24 - Ban Ki-moon’s Second Term Up for Discussion, Norway Visit Confirmed

New York, August 24, 2009 - Prospects of a second term for Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon are discussed increasingly now that the mid-point of his term - June 30, 2009 - has passed. A "highly confidential" memo by the Permanent Mission of Norway to the UN strongly criticizes Ban's leadership and describes a growing view that he may not be appointed for a second term. The memo's contents have been reported widely in the press, including in The Independent, Reuters, Associated Press, Herald Sun, Norway Post, Spiegel, Financial Times, Jamaica Observer, and LankaWeb.   

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