October 15 - Issue 33 - General Assembly to Elect Five Members of Security Council Tomorrow

New York, October 15, 2007 - The General Assembly will meet to begin the election of five non-permanent members to the Security Council tomorrow morning (Tuesday), October 16.

The elected members will hold two-year, non-renewable terms from January 1, 2008 until December 31, 2009.

Based on reports of regional agreements, the election is expected to proceed as follows for each region. Regardless of regional support, each candidate still must get a two-thirds majority of states present and voting in the October 16 election, which is expected to be 128 states.


Seats Available


Expected Outcome







Burkina Faso



The African Union has endorsed Burkina Faso and Libya's candidatures, which ensures the support of at least 53 Member States. Mauritania was an additional candidate, without AU endorsement, until mid-September, when it withdrew after Libya agreed to support its candidacy for 2012-2013.








The Asian Group endorsed Vietnam's candidature a year ago. As no other state is contesting the seat, Vietnam likely will win quickly.

Eastern Europe





Czech Republic

The region has not formally endorsed either candidate. Voting could take several rounds.

Latin America and Caribbean




Costa Rica

Dominican Republic

The region has not formally endorsed either candidate. Voting could take several rounds.


Western Europe and Others






No ballot will be provided for this region.

The elections follow the General Assembly's Rules of Procedure, Rules 83 and 93, which call for an unlimited number of voting rounds until one candidate obtains a two-thirds majority of the present members.

The voting rounds alternate between "restricted" and "unrestricted." In unrestricted ballots, votes can be cast for any member of the regional group that is not currently on the Council. In restricted ballots, only the two highest-scoring candidates of the previous round can be voted for.

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