Ziaul Ahsan - Organization for Social Development of Unemployed Youth

Fatuma I. Ali - Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

Amha - Ethiopian Embassy, Moscow

Andreas Bummel -   Committee for a Democratic U.N.

Curtis Doebbler - Nord Sud XXI

Elsa Duhagon - Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITeM) Third World Institute

Gino Ferrante 

Michel Forst

Guled - OSSA

Paul Hoeffel - Former UN staff

Pedro Macanas

Eduardo Mangas

Victoria Taiwo Obasaju-Ayo - FAO - UN Expert 2001-2015, Rome, Italy

Oksana - MFA of Ukraine

Michael Suchocki

Committee for a Democratic UN (KDUN ) - Germany

Pincas Jawetz - SustainabiliTank

Moothedath Ramanathan Menon - The Society of Energy Engineers and Managers (SEEM ), India

Robert McLeod

Darshini - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

Siew Yee - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

Rasyidah - Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

Ana Belen Sanchez

Ricardo Martins Rizzo

Friedrich Brandi - Supporter of the UNPA Campaign

Amrit RaiPermanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations

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