1 for 7 Billion Campaign Launches Letter to All UN Member States on the Appointment of the Next Secretary-General

16 April 2015


As part of the 1 for 7 Billion: Find the Best UN Leader  civil society campaign, the World Federalist Movement-Institute for Global Policy sent a letter to all UN member states yesterday calling on UN member states to advocate for a "fair, open and inclusive process" to appoint the UN Secretary-General. The next Secretary-General will be appointed next year.  

The letter asks member states to consider specific reforms--such as public hearings with candidates for Secretary-General, the recommendation of more than one candidate by the Security Council to the General Assembly, and consideration of a single, non-renewable term for the Secretary-General-- and urges member states to speak in favor of these proposals at an upcoming thematic debate on the procedures of appointment for the UN Secretary-General and other Executive Heads, which will be held on April 27th at UN Headquarters.  

UN  Elections will continue to monitor and report on the latest developments regarding the appointment of the next Secretary-General.  

1 for 7 Billion_Call to Action Letter_27 April 2015_final.pdf121.35 KB