Conclusion of the ICJ Elections 2014

17 November 2014

Elections to appoint five members of the International Court of Justice began on the 6th of November.  Although four judges were elected that day, the General Assembly and Security Council were unable to select a fifth member.

Elections resumed the following day in order to decide whether Susana Ruiz Cerutti, of Argentina, or Patrick Lipton Robinson, of Jamaica, would be appointed to the ICJ.  When, after several rounds of voting, neither of the remaining two candidates received the required number of votes in both the Security Council and General Assembly, the election for the fifth seat was postponed until the 17th of November.

However, by the time of the election, Argentina had opted to withdraw Cerutti’s candidacy.  In a note  addressed to the Secretary-General, President of the General Assembly, and President of the Security Council, Argentina emphasized its commitment to strengthening regional unity amongst the Latin American and Caribbean countries.  Given that both candidates hail from this region, Argentina had chosen to act “constructively” and withdraw its candidate from consideration. 

In the Security Council, the President of the Security Council announced Cerutti’s withdrawal, and noted that for this reason her name would not appear on the ballot.  With only a single name to choose from, the Council and Assembly quickly elected Robinson to the remaining seat.  There were no abstentions. 

After announcing the results of the election, the President of the Security Council commended Argentina for its decision to withdraw its candidate.