Results of the 2014 Security Council Elections

16 October 2014

At 10:00 am this morning, the General Assembly began its elections for five non-permanent members of the Security Council.  After three rounds of voting, Angola, Malaysia, Venezuela, New Zealand, and Spain were elected to serve two-year terms. 

As expected, Angola, Malaysia, and Venezuela were elected easily after the first round of voting.  The three members ran on “clean slates,” with no real challenge from other states in their respective regions. 

In the Western European and Others group, New Zealand secured the required two-thirds majority of votes during the first round, guaranteeing it one of the WEOG’s two available seats. This set the stage for a second round to decide whether Turkey or Spain would assume the other seat. 

With only eight votes short of the necessary two-thirds majority, Spain emerged from the first round as the preferred candidate for the Council.  Nonetheless, Spain did not reach the required voting threshold until two additional rounds of voting had taken place.

The newly elected members will serve on the Council until the end of 2016.  They replace Argentina, Rwanda, the Republic of Korea, Australia, and Luxembourg as non-permanent Council members.


 Voting Results for the 2014 Election

First Round Election Results


Angola: 190



Malaysia: 187


Latin American and Caribbean (GRULAC)

Venezuela: 181


Western European & Other States (WEOG)

(Required Majority: 129 votes)

New Zealand: 145

Spain: 121

Turkey: 109


Second Round Election Results

(Required Majority: 129 Votes)

Spain: 120

Turkey: 73


Third Round Election Results

(Required Majority: 128 Votes)

Spain: 132

Turkey: 60