Sam Kutesa: President of the 69th General Assembly

NEW YORK: 30 September 2014

     With the start of the 69th General Assembly this month, Mr. Sam Kahamba Kutesa began his term as President of the General Assembly. Mr. Kutesa, the Foreign Minister of Uganda, was selected by the African Union. The General Assembly approved his appointment on the 11th of June.  

     Mr.  Kutesa assumed the presidency despite some controversy over a February Ugandan law, which legislates prison sentences for homosexual activity.  Opponents argued that as a leading minister in a government which criminalizes homosexuality, Kutesa's appointment would contradict the principles of the United Nations.    

      Prior to becoming President of the General Assembly, Mr. Kutesa enjoyed an extensive career in Ugandan politics, serving as an elected member of Parliament; Minister of State of Finance, Development, and Planning; and as Attorney General.  He is also credited for his role in the peace and stabilization processes of Sudan, South Sudan, and Somalia.  

     For a full biography of Mr. Kutesa, please see the official website  of the 69th General Assembly.