UN Senior Level Vacancy- Special Advisor for the Prevention of Genocide

New York,  May 2012


The Secretary-General of the United Nations has announced the vacancy for the post of the Special Adviser for the Prevention of Genocide.  The official announcement is included below, and can also be found online here. As part of our campaign, we reiterate that the selection and recruitment process should be transparent and merit-based.  


United Nations Senior Level Vacancy

Special Advisor on the Prevention of Genocide

The Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide will collect existing information, in particular from within the United Nations system, on massive and serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law of ethnic and racial origin that, if not prevented or halted, might lead to genocide. The Special Adviser will act as a mechanism of early warning to the Secretary-General and through him to the Security Council, by bringing to their attention situations that could potentially result in genocide. The Special Adviser will make recommendations to the Security Council, through the Secretary-General, on actions to prevent or halt genocide; and liaise with the United Nations system on activities for the prevention of genocide and work to enhance the United Nations’ capacity to analyze and manage information regarding genocide or related crimes.


The Secretary-General is seeking an individual with unimpeachable personal integrity and proven high level diplomatic and political advocacy experience. Strong communications skills are essential. Knowledge of the United Nations work and mechanisms with regard to prevention of genocide, including key partners, is essential. Finally, familiarity with the structures and functioning of the political, legal and operational entities of the United Nations system will be highly desirable.


In order to enlarge the pool of candidates for this position, the United Nations would welcome applications to supplement the Secretary-General’s own search and consultations. The United Nations would especially welcome nominations of female candidates.


All applications should include the curriculum vitae of the candidates and must be received by 25 May 2012. Applications should be sent to eosgapplications15@un.org