Issue 160 - August 06 - Upcoming ICJ Fall elections

New York, August 06, 2011

Elections for the International Court of Justice bench are expected to be held this September or October. The terms of office of Mr. Hisashi Owada, Mr. Peter Tomka, Mr. Abdul G. Koroma, Mr. Bruno Simma and Ms. Xue Hanqin are due to expire on 5 February 2012. In the sixty-sixth session of the GA, the GA and SC will have to appoint new members to fill these five vacancies. The Secretary-General has requested that nominations from each region—Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Western Europe & Other, and Asia, respectively—reach him by 30 June 2011.1

Seats expiring next February:



Term of Office

Abdul G. Koroma


1994 – Feb 2012

Peter Tomka

Eastern Europe

2003 – Feb 2012

Hisashi Owada


2003 – Feb 2012

Bruno Simma 

Western Europe & Other

2003 – Feb 2012

Xue Hanqin


2010 – Feb 2012

Currently, three judges are being considered for reelection within their respective regional groups. The Asian group has endorsed Chinese judge Xue Hanqin and Japanese judge Hisashi Owada, while in Eastern Europe, Slovakia has nominated current Court judge Peter Tomka. Meanwhile, a number of countries—Bulgaria, Italy, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Uganda—have nominated new candidates.2


[2] See Abdul Karim Koroma, “Ambassador Bangali takes Agenda for Change to another level,” The Patriotic Vanguard, 24 June 2011 []; “Prof. Gaja presenting his candidature to the elections of Judge at the ICJ,” Law Blog, 07 February 2011 [].